The Foundation of the Hellenic World in the spirit of the Olympic Games. Learn their long history, explore their unkwown aspects and discover the society that created them, through a variety of activities created by FHW utilising the wide spectrum of modern technology.



The Prehistory of the Games, their organization during Antiquity, but also the first attempts to revive them in the Modern era are presented in an interactive environment.

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A journey to the modern Olympic Games examining the hosting cities, the athletes, but also including references to the political and social activities of the era.

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Virtual Reality

Stories from the Olympic Games.
A Unique Exhibition

The exhibition was hosted at Hellenic Cosmos from March 1st 2004 to December 5th 2006. The exhibition, taking advantage of the applications of modern technology, presented in an original way the character of the Olympic Games during Antiquity and, mainly, in modern times. At the same time, it acted as stimuli providing visitors with the opportunity to reflect upon the supreme athletic event of the planet >>>


A Walk through ancient Olympia

Travel to Ancient Olympia and visit the magnificent temple of Zeus as well as the Workshop of Phidias, where the sculptor created the famous statue of Zeus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Watch representations of Olympic sports come to life in front of your eyes by bringing together pieces of ancient vessels. All these, and much more, take place at the "Kivotos" and the "Virtual Cinema", FHW's two Virtual Reality systems, which transport you through space and time covering the whole span of Hellenic History. >>>


Educational Programme
The Olympic Hero

In modern times heroes have changed, they are no longer heroes of war, but of peace, like the Olympic victors. The Foundation of the Hellenic World wishes to present such kind of heroes and for this reason we created the educational programme "The Olympic Hero", which was presented at Hellenic Cosmos from 2002 to 2005.
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In May 2004 the Foundation of the Hellenic World organized in Athens, at the cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos, an international scientific conference entitled "Athletics, Society and Identity". In the conference was examined the role of athletics as a social phenomenon, while they studied the ways through which athletics reflect and influence the social, political, economic, cultural and ideological aspects of its era.
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CD-ROM "Olympics Through Time"
The CD-ROM "Olympics Through Time", in Greek and in English, brings the Games to life through a variety of activities: a 3D board game "The Path of Knowledge, Destination: Olympic Games", an electronic encyclopaedia based on FHW's corresponding web pages, a 3D reconstruction of ancient Olympia and an interactive game, where representations of Olympic sports come to life by bringing together fragments of ancient pots.